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I especially love the end credits, with all these detailed illustrations and pictures in the background, which enables you to think about the adventure you experienced with the heroes, more films need credits such as this. Overall, this film is a great dark ride that’s ambitious, has good morals, likable people and it is officially amazing. It really isn’t one of the absolute best to come from the studio, neither is it a vintage like “Cinderella” and even “The Lion king” but I still enjoy it a lot, for different reasons just.

Stepping on beats and dance to music aren’t one and the same thing. The former is the essential of musicality, but it is not the most important and sophisticated. Beats are rhythmic stresses that regulate the speed of music. They are interrupted and unemotional. Stepping on beats is like jumping, the focus is on the accent, and the movement is broken and dry. The most important part of dancing is expressing the feelings of the music, which lies not in the beats but in the Melody. Melody is the linear, nice, and emotional firmness in music that adds sentiment, emotion, fluidity, and beauty to music.

Dancing to Melody is like driving, the concentrate is on the linear shade, and the movement is continuous and clean. In dancing, we can focus on beats, or we can focus on Melody, that leads to different dance styles. Whenever we concentrate on beats, we await the beat to come and step onto it with power, the movement is sudden, incoherent and short. Is an example Here?

This track, Poema, like the majority of tango songs, is nostalgic and melancholy. The music was composed by Mario Melfi in 1932, that was arranged by Francisco Canaro in 1935. Only the last two stanzas were sung in the Canaro’s version, by Roberto Maida. Dancing Poema, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the poet – like you were biding sad farewell to your previous love. You still need to step on the defeat, but you don’t take action in a sudden and damaged way.

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Rather, you focus on the emotion of the Melody and let your steps are even-paced, continuous, and lingering. Here is a good example. Notice that the couple in this example didn’t run after the beats, but danced slowly, as were hesitant to let go of each other. Their steps are a lot more supple, fluid, and melodious, coordinating the melancholy feeling of the tune. I often feel my partner still targets the beats once I try to lead her dance to the Melody, which is unsurprising considering that most students are just trained to step on the beat.

Next time you dance Poema, try to focus on the Melody instead of the beats. The key is to control the speed of the steps to allow it is even-paced rather than sudden, and broken – particularly if you are a woman, who represents the melodic or feminine mood of the music.

For those that celebrate Christmas I hope that you appreciated your entire day, and for those of you that don’t, I hope that you are having a good holiday season. You know it’s kind of funny because I used to be just getting used to the thought of being 30 and now I just switched 31! I swear this season passed fast! Happy Birthday if you ask me from me to Early. I picked up a few-body care products from Victoria’s Secret Pink and a free of charge panty. Happy Birthday if you ask me! Happy 31st Birthday, if you ask me!