Between Freshman And Sophomore Students 2 Between Freshman And Sophomore Students

Two hundred twenty male students randomly selected during Spring semester 1988 from each of two Saudi Arabian universities, King Faisal and King Fand, were given a three-part attitude dimension instrument and a fourpart Health-Related Physical Fitness Test. The attitude dimension instrument, derived from the McDonald Attitude Inventory and the Wear Inventory as altered by Ridha (1983), included 70 statements. Subjects responded on a five-point scale ranging from Strongly Consent to Strongly Disagree.

The Health-Related Physical Fitness Test, developed by the American Alliance for Health, consisted of 12-minute run, skinfold dimension, sit-up, and sit down and reach assessments. A complete of 316 students completed both tests. Values were assigned to replies on the attitude dimension instrument according to the Likert technique. These total results, along with Health-Related Physical Fitness Test scores, were statistically examined by multiple regression, t-test, MANOVA, and the Spearman-Brown method. Findings demonstrated a positive relationship between attitude toward physical education and ratings on the Health-Related Physical Fitness Test. No significant difference in attitude toward physical education was found between students at both universities, but King Fand students scored significantly better than King Faisal students on the Health-Related Physical Fitness Test.

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Between freshman and sophomore students, a significant difference in attitude toward physical education was found at King Faisal University but not at King Fand University. No significant difference was within attitude toward physical education between sophomore students at King Fand University examined in Ridha’s 1983 study and those tested in the present study. Comparison of Health-Related Physical Fitness Test outcomes to American college student norms demonstrated that American students have scored better in distance in 9 minutes run, sit-ups, and skinfold measurement, while the Saudi students obtained in the sit and reach test better.

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