Walgreens Sun Care TV Commercial, 'Summer Skin: Return The Favor' 2 Walgreens Sun Care TV Commercial, ‘Summer Skin: Return The Favor’

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by La Bella. All views are 100% my very own. I was lately contacted by La Bella to examine a few products and one of the products included in this Rose Hip Oil. I’ve never used rose hip oil until now, but I have heard many reviews that are positive about the advantages of using this essential oil. For today’s post I’ll talk about a few uses for increased hip oil. I want to thank La Bella for sending this product for me to review. Since I was not really acquainted with rose hip oil generally, I explored a few sites that provided information about the product.

Rosehip oil can nourish and hydrate your brittle fingernails, making them more powerful and healthier. Just massage your nails every evening during one week with Rosehip oil before going to rest and see the wonderful difference it makes. Rosehip oil has a high content of essential fatty acids and is a perfect skin hydration tool.

Spray just a little Rosehip oil mixed with water on your skin to rehydrate and secure the moisture. This beauty technique is especially good for summer! It is a treatment for dry, wrinkled, and rough skin. Each morning and in the evening before bed Apply it. For external only use. Avoid connection with eyes.

Keep out of reach of children. I thought applying this oil for fingernails will be a good notion since I’m endeavoring to grow my nails long again. I used this oil for the recommended week and I’ve pointed out that my nails are less brittle and I could tell my fingernails are getting more powerful. I’ve been massaging this essential oil onto my nails with a q-tip at night.

  1. Hair removal cream
  3. 1 daily portion of a probiotic food (kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha, etc.)
  4. Extra emergen-C
  5. To this mixture, add the rose drinking water and mix well
  6. November 4

If you’re wanting to strengthen your nails, I suggest providing this oil a try especially since it’s getting colder outdoors to keep them strong and healthy. A healthy skincare routine is very important to me. Since I’m a lover of oil for keeping my skin moisturized and healthy, I decided to give this a try. I did so as instructed on the site and my skin experienced so hydrated! I’ve also read that Rose Hip Oil was good for Eczema.

I made a decision to use the essential oil on my elbows since those will be the only problem areas I have sometimes with Eczema. I pointed out that this oil provided my skin a wholesome glow after usage. My epidermis wasn’t greasy when I used this on my epidermis and the essential oil didn’t take very long to soak up on my pores and skin. That is also a less is more type product since it’s oil. A little goes quite a distance. La Bella Rose Hip Oil has a light floral/fresh aroma that isn’t too overpowering. I don’t really mind the fragrance which surprised me since I’m not just an enthusiast of floral scents, but I came across this oil’s scent to be tolerable. I also like how this oil contains supplement E which has great recovery properties. I haven’t seen this brand in stores, but this oil can be purchased by you online in the links I provided in the About portion of this post.