PNWC's Government Contracting Update 2 PNWC’s Government Contracting Update

Maximum per Diem rates are based on one of three resources depending on destination. For the continental U.S., FAR prescribes the use of the FTRs (Federal Travel Regulations). For Alaska, Hawaii, and “outlying areas” FAR requires that JTR (Joint Travel Regulations) rates be used. And, for international travel, the State Department rates (Department of State Standardized Regulations) are to be used. However, the rates from these sources have different compositions. Under the FTR, taxes on hotel rooms and laundry/dry cleaning can be charged whereas under the STATE DEPT. separately, these costs are included in the rate and may not be billed separately.

Under the JTR, hotel taxes are separately billable but laundry, and dried out cleaning are included. You are able to integrate the next desk in your procedure and plan manual to help you avoid unallowable costs. As we earlier stated, this is a prime area for contract auditors to review, during their audits of incurred cost especially. Contractors without intricate knowledge of the travel regulations are in risk for noncompliance.

Cynics are apparent in every company in the world. They usually believe that human carry out is motivated by personal- interest, and a disbelief is got by them about the integrity of others. They have high expectations of the global world, and they’re constantly disappointed when the interpersonal people in their lives don’t meet those targets.

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Leaders must be prepared to drive the sides of innovation. I want to begin by talking about the difference between innovation and creativity. Leaders must be willing showing their employees that they love and look after them. There is one truth in life that I firmly believe: With the showing of love and concern, people start to feel wonderful and more suitable, and their efficiency shall triple in an environment that is loving. The book “Love is the Killer App” by Tim Sanders targets what must be done to make a true “Love Biz” by the giving and showing of compassion, resources, and knowledge with no expectation of anything in exchange.

Leaders must be ready to listen to the grapevine and then build a sense of community predicated on what he/she hears in the grapevine. Among my favorite market leaders in my local community is Dan Landis, the Director of Marketing and Sales for St. Joseph of the Pines, a life-care community in North Carolina.

He is one head who I see as truly being daring…he actively places himself every day in the center of the firing collection. He spends a lot of his day, speaking with residents, sitting and eating lunchtime with them down, and stopping them in the hall to simply ask “How are you…What can I do for you today? What exactly is the nagging problems you are experiencing?