Despite the dirt that’s been tossed on her behalf name and the pieces that she’s slung at other people, Mo’Nique is still out here living her best life. She recently shared, via her Instagram page that she is under 200 pounds officially. The feat is particularly amazing because this is the first time in her adult life there’s been a 1 before her weight.

Hey, my loves. UNDER 200lbs. WE CAN DO IT. BELIEVE YOU CAN. DON’T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT BUT IT HAPPENS. RAW FOOD IS THE TRUTH. “Hey my loves. I said that this journey would be shared by me with yaall on the weight reduction and getting healthy. Since I’ve been 17 years of age, I’ve been over 200 pounds. Today was the first time in my own adult life that I’ve been under 200 pounds.

So I want to let y’all know it’s possible. We can take action and we can there get. For me, it was without surgery, no pre-packaged foods. Not hearing no spokespeople stating easy you can do it ‘It’s. ‘ It was putting in the task and not quitting on me just.

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So I wish to share with y’all what it looked like on this range today. And I wish to tell y’all the goodness that you can eat but still drop this weight. It’s called uncooked food. It’s called dancing your pounds off. It’s called offering yourself to be able to live the best life you can live.

It was how exactly we said I love you, and it wasn’t socially acceptable to turn down meals, or seconds even. By enough time I finished college, I weighed 180 pounds, and the true number kept climbing “Losing weight needs much more than only exercise and diet,” says Dr. Frank Ostir, Ostir Physical Medicine in Joliet. He thinks weight loss is best conquered using a variety of customized tools. The goal is to combat obesity, that your American Murphy and Rupert became his friends and confidants. They helped him embrace a new diet, a fitness regime, and a routine built around healthy and disciplined weight loss.

Fitness trackers – the tiny fitness wristbands that people wear, certainly help people stay in shape by tracking their fitness activities and providing relevant data. These fitness wristbands transfer wearer’s data directly to the apps in the smartphones and then to the cloud. Maybe the transmission secure? Can the info transmitted be misused thus? Is it adequately protected?