How To SETUP ANOTHER Router In Your Home

Sometimes it’s useful to have another router in your home. For example to boost wireless connectivity on another floor: you then place another wireless access point. Or even to supply internet connection to a PC on the attic, when the distance is too large for a normal wireless network card and there is no networking cable either: after that you can deploy a radio ethernet bridge.

Below I’ll clarify how to do that. Note: don’t buy a so-called repeater or range extender! Because with a repeater or extender you lose fifty percents your internet swiftness unavoidably as the wireless card of the extender or repeater must get and transmit the bandwidth concurrently. It’s technically a substandard solution.

Deploying another router is officially a much better approach, because you choose to do to protect your entire bandwidth then. 3. Want more tips? 1.1. To get that second router to operate as another wireless access point for your internet, you have to adjust its settings usually, or it will not work.

Because a network is designed by default to have just one router: that is the machine that allocates IP addresses to the connected computer systems. The router is the “captain” of the network, and there can only be one captain. However, when the IP selection of router 1 differs from the number of routers 2, then there’s no problem. Simply connect the routers 2 for an ethernet (LAN) port of router 1, and you’re done.

The IP address range reaches 192.168.x.x. …


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