Republican Party When Durham Stepped Down? 2 Republican Party When Durham Stepped Down?

13 million from Carmel’s taxpayers after Ozdemir showered Carmel Mayor James Brainard, like other politicians who dole out taxpayer dollars to his private developments, with campaign contributions. Real Ozdemir seems to have vaulted, pretty much overnight, from a rising star in Indianapolis real property to a powerhouse developer. The 37-year-old Turkish immigrant is a civil engineer by training, a developer and contractor by profession.

He’s smart, creative, earnest, and he works 12-hour times. But competitors wanting to know how he has come so far so fast shouldn’t underestimate a few of Ozdemir’s other abilities: as a salesman and schmoozer with a knack for building profitable associations with politicians. I’d say. That’s an understatement to say the least.

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6.35 million, or nearly one-third of the in advance payment to the city of Indianapolis got from its badly-negotiated 50-12 months lease of the city’s parking meter resources with ACS. 50 million in the opening. Ballard’s generosity towards Ozdemir with your tax dollars hasn’t finished there. 100 million for a combined-use project that Eli Lilly needed but no bank or investment company would fund because the chance of failure is so high.

And the diversion of your taxes dollars to Ozdemir’s personal pocket is far from over. Ozdemir employed Mayor Ballard’s former chief of personnel, Paul Okeson, to help raid taxpayer dollars for his benefit. Deputy Mayor Mike Huber unabashedly admits the mayor and his top staff meet regularly with Ozdemir. Yeah, take dangers with your taxes dollars for his personal advantage.

Huber added. Huber insults our intelligence by claiming the city isn’t “performing favorites” in the awarding of these deals. Schouten notes that Ozdemir was readily available at Ballard’s re-election victory party to be one of the primary to congratulate him on his win. Schouten creates. No kidding. The belief of Ozdemir in Indianapolis is strikingly like the reputation Tony Rezko built up in Chicago by schmoozing Chicago politicians like Rod Blagojevich and Barack Obama after immigrating to the U.S. Syria before his big downfall.

Like Ozdemir, Rezko began working as a civil engineer. The funny area of the story is how Ozdemir boasts that his coach is Beurt SerVaas. That would be the same former City-County Council President, OSS CIA, and officer contractor who mentored his former son-in-law, Tim Durham, to the top of the Indianapolis business community. 200 million. And who had taken over as finance chairman of the Marion Co. Republican Party when Durham down stepped?

You understood it. Ozdemir. I’m not quite sure what things to the label of the state in Schouten’s story by Ozdemir that he’s never skipped financing payment. Maybe he’s made all of his obligations to the lender, but I’m not sure that’s comforting to all or any of his subcontractors or the insurance provider that issued him a performance bond for the work his Aymir Construction Corp.