Treasury’s Guarantee Program For Money Market Mutual Funds: WHAT YOU OUGHT TO Know

Money market mutual money play an important role in America’s financial markets, supplying a lower-risk choice for investors who seek balance and liquidity relatively. Market events in the fall of 2008 put a spotlight on the amount of money market fund industry-including the U.S. Treasury Department’s short-term guarantee program for the money market finance industry. In creating the warranty program, Treasury sought to address short-term dislocations in the credit marketplaces. We originally issued this Alert to answer a few of the questions traders may have about Treasury’s guarantee program. However the warranty program expired in September 2009, the Alert also helps investors understand money market funds better.

What are money market money? The federal government securities laws arranged limits on the types of investments a money market account can make. Money market funds have traditionally seduced investors seeking to preserve their principal or who need a short-term place to make investments their cash. Much like any securities investment, investing in money market funds requires risk-and while rare, investor deficits are possible. In contrast to bank or investment company money market deposit accounts and other bank or investment company cost savings accounts, money market money are not covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or the National Credit Union Administration.

What can it imply to “break the buck”? Like other shared money, a money market fund must calculate its world wide web asset value (NAV) at least one time a day, after the U typically.S. A fund’s NAV is its price per talk about, which reflects the full total value of the fund’s investment holdings.

1.00 per share. Which means that investors can typically be prepared to get back one dollar for each dollar they spend money on the account, plus any returns (meaning the interest or dividends the fund earns). 1.00 per share. Most money market money in the U.S. What Was Treasury’s Guarantee Program? September 19 On, 2008, the U.S.

Treasury announced the establishment of the temporary guarantee program to protect shareholders of money market shared funds-and on September 29, opened up this program to eligible money market funds officially. 1.00 NAV. Both tax-exempt and taxable money market money were permitted to take part. Eligible funds had to apply and pay a fee to take part in the program-the program was not automatic.

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1.00 NAV, the program could have provided coverage to shareholders up to the amount they possessed on the time this program was announced. Treasury’s creation of the program was intended to enhance market confidence and alleviate investors’ concerns about the ability of money market funds to absorb a loss. Investors could not join the assurance program on their own. 1.00 per share for the 200 stocks you owned on September 19-but your staying 100 stocks would be redeemed at NAV.

Tax Issues-Participation in the program by a tax-exempt money market account would not jeopardize the tax-exempt status treatment of obligations. The Treasury and the IRS released guidance confirming this true point. Because certain of the Reserve money market funds broke the buck prior to September 19, these funds weren’t eligible for the Treasury guarantee program.