4. Is JP's Name Really JP? 2 4. Is JP’s Name Really JP?

This is a work in progress, so if you have a question, leave a comment here and I’ll try to answer it! 1. Who is LL? You can get more in my “About Me, and My Blog” page up at the top, but in short, I am 31, tallish, with blue eye and red locks I wish I understood myself how to create properly.

I am an enforcement lawyer with the SEC, wife, and mother of two three. I’ve pudgy black lab called Tex slightly. I live in Fort Worth in a 70-year-old house, and love it, but I left little pieces of my heart behind in Austin and Chicago. I really like cookies, French fries, pens, red wine, putting things rainbow and alphabetical order, high heels, clothes bought on clearance, Democratic politics, and my Nikon D90 camera.

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I also love to vacation, hostessing, finding out about restaurant selections, being outdoors, reading the same books again and again, and hearing my kids laugh. 2. So, why do a blog is acquired by you? I started this blog in 2006 because I was in law school and was considering expecting soon. I then found out I had been pregnant a couple weeks later and I’ve been writing ever since.

3. Should a baby is had by me in law’s college? Yes, probably, if you want one. Really this can be an impossible question to answer without knowing everything about you, however the impulse is comprehended by me to ask it in any case, so please visit a lot longer answer here. My short answer is that I wouldn’t change something about when my children were born, and if you think you’re ready to start your family, you shouldn’t let law school stop you. 4. Is JP’s name really JP? Nope, but it has been funny to sometimes hear the people we realize in real life call him that because they browse the blog. 5. Should I proceed to Austin?.

1 city to weather the downturn! For my part, I really do love Austin even though I don’t like the state of Texas everything much and I really experienced no desire to come back after going to law school in Chicago. However the laid back character, the lakes, the hillsides, the great food, and my 10 minute commute have all mixed to produce a place I’ve come to love. 6.Do you want to web-page link/write about/review my product/website/event?

No. I am sorry for the blanket policy, but there are no exceptions. 7. What’s your comment plan? 8. Why don’t you talk about your in-laws? I had written about my original position on this here. However, the situation transformed, so now I don’t discuss them because we haven’t spoken to them in seven years. 9. How will you keep blogging long?

For so long as I’ve something to state. I think the concentrate shall shift. As Landon ages and exits the baby phase I’ve found myself sharing less about him and I’m sure I’ll do the same with Claire. I try to keep this website about me (and my infants, who until about age 3, I see mainly as an expansion of me) and stay away from telling stories that are not mine to share.