Beauty History: The Elizabethan Era 2 Beauty History: The Elizabethan Era

Elizabeth I, little girl of Henry Anne and VIII Boleyn, became Queen of England in 1558. With her pale tone and curly red hair, she personified the beauty ideal of the era perfectly. Rich women went to great lengths to look like her. Then Back, a pale complexion was an indicator of good health insurance and prestige. Associated with simple: only rich women could afford to have fair skin.

Poor ones proved helpful for hours outside and got a tan. To find the pale look, women (and men) used a number of different things: Ceruse (a base made with poisonous white lead and vinegar), sulphur, alum or tin ash. Plus, in addition they used white eggs to fake a paler complexion and hide wrinkles (eggs have a tightening effects that made skin look smoother).

During the Elizabethan period, women used black kohl to rim their eyes and make sure they are look darker. In addition they used Belladonna to enlarges pupils and make their eye look larger and sparkly. Eyebrows had to be slim and arched to make a high forehead (it was an indicator of aristocracy).

They achieved the look by plucking. Through the Elizabethan period, rouge cheeks and lips were very popular. To achieve them, women used plant (like madder, an Asian plant with red roots) and animal dyes (such as cochineal, a beetle) on the cheeks. They also reddened their cheeks with an assortment of egg white and ochres.

Other lip dies were madder, cochineal or vermilion, a red pigment extracted from mercury sulphide. Everything makeup women (and men) used to achieve a white tone wreaked their skin. To get rid of blemishes, wrinkles, areas and freckles the Elizabethans would use rosewater, lemon blend or juice of eggshells, alum, honey and mercury. The wealthy would also bathe in ass’s milk while washing the face with mercury. Like pale skin, fair hair was fashionable, too.

Women used different chemicals to dye or bleach their hair… even urine! Another real way to get blonde locks was to use cumin seeds, saffron, celadine and oil. Wigs were all the rage. They were utilized by women whose locks was growing thinner or by the ones that wanted their hair to be of a certain color. Some women were so desperate to have popular hair that they made a decision to completely shave their hair off in support of wear wigs! Both real and false locks was often adorned with jewels and locks pieces.

These were very expensive, so only rich women could afford them. At the start of the Elizabethan period, men used to wear their hair brief. But as the years passed, the popular locks size much longer grew much longer and. Long locks curly had to be. They achieved the appearance with hot irons to attain and then used wax or gam to keep it in place. Beards could be cut in a large amount different designs from circular to square, from oblong to directed. But they were and held in place with starch long. Now check your email to confirm your subscription and get access to your skin library. There was an error submitting your membership.

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