25 Little-Known Facts About Makeup 2 25 Little-Known Facts About Makeup

Most girls I know wear the makeup of some kind frequently. Even if you’re “zero-maintenance,” you probably own more than a few products. Of course, we’re lucky we live in this modern era, because women of days gone by sure had a different experience with their cosmetics. Please, be sitting for a little background lesson, and learn just how significant makeup really is.

1. The patent for nail Polish times to 1919 back again. It had been light pink. 2. Roman women used belladonna drops to make their pupils look larger and sexier. Of course, belladonna is a poison so this practice didn’t last too long. 3. The Aztecs used beetles to make red lipstick.

4. Elizabeth Taylor banned other women on-set from putting on red lipstick allegedly. 5. Depending on when and where you were at that time, use of makeup either specified your prosperity or your poor morals – it’s transformed many, many times during the period of history. 6. Cleopatra was thought to have soaked her ship sails in perfume so everyone could smell her entrance. Talk about using a signature aroma. 15,000 in their lifetime on makeup products. 8. Feminists like Elizabeth Cady Stanton wore lipstick as a symbol of independence from oppression when they marched for the right to vote.

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10. Women have often made their own beauty marks with areas of dark velvet. 13. Coco Chanel popularized the suntan in the ’20s. To that Prior, a tan meant you were a low-class field worker. 15. Ladies in the Elizabethan period resorted to crazy solutions to show up beautiful, from shaving their foreheads to using arsenic and lead to keep their epidermis looking super-pale. They also believed lipstick experienced marvelous forces, and Queen Elizabeth was wearing lipstick when she passed away.

16. Elizabethan-era women also used coal tar as mascara and liner; most of them went blind. 17. Another way to keep your skin looking super-pale? LEECHES. Women were “bleeding” with leeches to keep their skin pale. 18. The FDA approves makeup products in the U.S. Among their big NOs is using neon in toenail Polish, so while we might have neon-colored polishes, they’re not “neon officially.” You must go to other countries for the.

19. A “geisha facial” includes a special ingredient to fight wrinkles – Nightingale poop. 20. As the Greeks get credit for the roots of the portrayed phrase “makeup products,” the historic Egyptians were the first ever to use makeup. 21. The Egyptians get credit for creating perfume also, which they medically used cosmetically and also. 22. Women of the past have used all sorts of crazy substances to “treat” things like freckles from fresh urine to crocodile extra fat. 23. A woman named Hazel Bishop developed the first long-lasting lipstick in the late ’40s.

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