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I bought Royal Bank or investment company of Canada (TSX-RY, NYSE-RY) in 1995. On my original purchase, I am making a 47.9% dividend yield. 4,790 in dividends after keeping this stock for a few 22 years. When this stock was bought by me, I acquired a 4.27% dividend produce. Obviously Canadian Banks are among the better dividend payer on the TSX.

Another example is Canadian Tire Corp (TSX-CTC.A, OTC-CDNAF). This stock was bought by me in 2000 so I experienced this stock for some 17 years. When this stock was bought by me it acquired a 1.79% dividend yield. This year I am going to earn 11.7% on my original price. 1.170 in dividends this season.

This is a Consumer Discretionary stock. Another the first is a Consumer Staple stock. They tend to have low yields, but good development. I bought Metro Inc. (TSX-MRU, OTC-MTRAF) in 2004 some 13 years ago. When this stock was bought by me the dividend produce was 1.87%. 12 months I am making 11 This.04% on my original price. 1,this season 104 in dividends.

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Another example is SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. (TSX-SNC, OTC-SNCAF) that i bought in 1998 some 19 years back. ONCE I purchased this stock it had a 2.35% dividend yield. An example I’ve of a utility is Emera Inc. (TSX-EMA, OTC-EMRAF). I bought this stock in 2005. They have a good dividend, at 4 currently.36% and low growth. When this stock was bought by me it got a 4.70% dividend yield. The 5 and 10 season dividend development reaches 8.7% and 8.4% per 12 months within the last 5 and 10 years.

This calendar year I am getting 11.03% in dividends. 1,this year after some 12 years 103 in dividends. The examples wouldn’t normally be complete without a REIT. REITS tend to have moderate to good distributions with low distribution development. I bought Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (TSX-REF.UN, OTC-CRXIF) in 2006 some 11 years back. When I purchased this stock it acquired a 4.50% distribution produce. Year I am generating 7 This.09% on my original investment. 709.this 12 months 00 in distributions. For REITs, remember that distributions are not dividends and there are different taxes. In 2016, 1.90% was capital benefits, 4.44% was Foreign Business Income, 84.29% was other income (Taxed like interest income) and 9.38% was Return of Capital.

You pay no tax on return of capital until your total return of capital equals your stock’s purchase price. Making money in the stock market can take time. You want to begin early and get some good dividend growth stocks and just let them develop their dividends. Yesterday about Andrew Peller Ltd On my other blog I had written.