Are Business Meals Still Tax Deductible? 2 Are Business Meals Still Tax Deductible?

Are Business Meals Still Tax Deductible? Earlier this year, we discussed how entertainment expenses will no longer be deductible starting in 2018 because of this of tax reform. This includes sports tickets, theater tickets, hunting trips, and certain other outings where financial institutions connect with their customers. Due to the noticeable change to entertainment expenditures, there has been a great deal of argument in the tax community regarding whether business meals are effectively a kind of entertainment and therefore also no longer deductible under the new law.

The CLA National Tax Office lately published an in-depth article with this issue. We believe that most meals not directly associated with entertainment will still be tax deductible, but additional guidance continues to be needed from the IRS using areas. The table below highlights a few of the complexity we are seeing related to business meals.

If a loan officer and a person to attend a football game, discuss exceptional loans and eat supper at the ball park, whether the price of the hot dogs and sodas will be 50% deductible or disallowed as entertainment isn’t clear. The AICPA has asked the IRS to provide additional assistance and has suggested that the IRS allow meals that are billed separately from entertainment to remain deductible but assistance has yet to be issued. We recommend that financial institutions setup several different general ledger accounts to ensure that their foods and entertainment-related expenses are adequately monitored for taxes purposes.

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Documentation should also be maintained regarding the business reason for each meal, who went to from the business, and that customers were in attendance to ensure there is adequate support set up in case there is a future IRS audit. Navigating the recognizable changes resulting from tax reform is complex. CLA is here now to help. Tags: tax, tax reform, Comments Off on Are Business Meals Still Tax Deductible? Amanda Garnett is a principal in the financial institutions practice of CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA) from Peoria, Illinois. 3.5 billion in total assets. Furthermore to tax conformity, Amanda helps clients in the certain specific areas of tax talking to, mergers and acquisitions, and regulatory reporting. She consistently instructs classes for banking associations in the united states as well.

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