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Note how the allocation blend changes over each five-year period. Note two tips here. The real collection allocation at the end of the period is significantly not the same as the initial 50/50 target allocation. And as the stock allocation increased, so did the risk of the entire portfolio. How do an investor help keep this risk in balance and maintain a long-term perspective? Consider conducting a portfolio review each quarter to determine if you need to rebalance your assets. Rebalancing simply means selling part of an asset that’s become overweighted.

Those funds are then put into an underweighted asset, repairing your focus on allocations. You can also address the risk and regain your focus on asset allocations with the addition of new money to a stock portfolio. For example, if you started with a 50% stock and 50% bond allocation, and it’s shifted to 60% shares and 40% bonds, you could steer new money to bonds.

Over time, the connection allocation should develop and come back into positioning with your 50/50 focus on allocation. In the final end, portfolio management boils down to risk management and patience. Remember, as it pertains to your investments, compound interest and compound returns can make a difference allies. Putting your money to work as soon as possible gives it more time to grow, and to recover from any downturns on the way. To find out more on the energy of compounding, watch the video below. Information from TDA is not intended to be investment advice or construed as a recommendation or endorsement of any particular investment or investment strategy, and it is for illustrative purposes only. Be sure to understand all risks associated with each strategy, including commission costs, before attempting to put any trade.