Tiaras And Toddlers Show MANY TIMES 2 Tiaras And Toddlers Show MANY TIMES

Toddlers and Tiaras show several times, audiences can see that the girls proceed through hours of planning and stress prior to the show. I want to see how this stress that is established affects the children’s lives. I wish to also research other pageants for children that are centered more on the natural splendor of children and not the “fake” look. By researching other pageants, this will ideally give me an idea of ways to improve the pageants and regulate the beauty enhancers the kids can use. For instance, children should not be judged about how tan they are and therefore, spray tans and tanning should be banned from beauty pageants for children.

Other rules should also limit the quantity of coaching girls go through prior to the actual pageant. Furthermore to researching how are you affected in the planning stage for the wonder pageants, I want to investigate the categories the kids are judged also. Certain categories were created originally for teenagers or adults and children should not be held to the same standards.

I want to find categories that are age group appropriate and can be completed by the children rather than what their parents do on their behalf. The categories that are judged in the pageants put a lot of emphasis on the way the girls look. This places a lot of pressure with them and can affect other aspects in their life. Through research, I hope to investigate how extreme the effects are and if there is anything pageant officials can do to improve how much emphasis is placed on the image.

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So being an extroverted writer isn’t all difficulties. Now, only if I could concentrate and rip myself from people now and again to actually write… Ahem. But you know very well what, guys? I WILL ALWAYS WRITE. Yes, it could be extremely challenging being an extroverted writer who is cursed with not being able to write with people around.

But writing is my LIFE. Perhaps I fail to concentrate and need to set aside more time to focus on it, but my goal is to produce a profession out of writing one day, and I don’t anticipate stopping. Besides, writing doesn’t always hinder my extroverted needs. It could often help them. It gives me new experiences.

Currently I’m not able to travel worldwide and experience it like I’d love to do, but with writing I could. Not only may I explore in the world anywhere, I can explore places that don’t EXIST even. And, let’s here to be real, those are my favorites. PEOPLE. Have I mentioned I love people? Well, when I can’t get my “social fix” I can always, immerse myself in endless amounts of people to write always. Often, after I write and spend a huge amount of time with beloved characters, I get almost as recharging as I would have lunch with friends or something.

I get to be with people in writing and ANY and ALL the people I wish to! Extroverts (or at least that one) want pleasure in their lives. It’s usually the stereotype (and sometimes accurate stereotype) that we’re filled with energy. Well…I have health problems that make me literally not full of any energy most of the time, though mentally I want to be even. I’d love to go skydiving or rock climbing or hiking across Middle Earth to destroy the One Ring but HAHAHAHAHA. No. I’ll never have the ability to.

But that’s okay because I have BOOKS. EASILY want an event, I can write about it just! DISCLAIMER: This post is never to make an effort to stereotype or try to claim one type of person can write better than another. We are ALL unique individuals with weaknesses and strengths. And the wonder of this means we get an array of different kinds of books which is the very best. Who wants all novels to be the same?