Smartphone App MIGHT HELP Cut AMOUNT OF Stay After C-section 2 Smartphone App MIGHT HELP Cut AMOUNT OF Stay After C-section

Attila Kett, M.D., from Saint Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick, N.J., and colleagues developed a smartphone program to engage and empower the obstetric patient people using the PSH model of care. The program offered a wide range of capabilities, including a cross-platform application accommodating patient education, reminders, and remote control monitoring. The app reminded the women of visits, provided pre-surgery information, and facilitated post-surgery health inspections.

Thirty patients scheduled for a cesarean section were signed up for the study. The researchers noticed a decrease in the average amount of stay from 3.7 to 2.7 times. 1,516 the launch of the program would yield a 216 percent return on investment through the first calendar year. In subsequent years, the return would increase to 282 percent. Kett said in a declaration. Saint Peter’s University Hospital partnered with SeamlessMD, a service provider of clinical intelligence platforms, to develop the smartphone application.

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