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The University at Albany School of Business prepares the best and brightest students to adapt and compete in the ever-changing market place. AACSB dual accreditation in business and accounting places the UAlbany School of Business in the top 2% of the world’s 16,000 business schools. Highly ranked world-class faculty educate sixteen undergraduate programs in business, accounting, and digital forensics, six full-time MBA options, and four graduate programs in accounting.

10 million in grants or loans and funded research – the best among all business schools in the U.S. Students have opportunities in experiential learning, research, entrepreneurship, and mentoring through connections with faculty, staff, and industry. Seventeen student-run School of Business clubs and organizations, many established by students, offer extra-curricular education. The school’s strong pipelines to the business community the most permit our students to be placed in jobs before graduation and have usage of top executives in leading companies.

  • Most competition (and failures)
  • Experience with monitoring/logging systems (Prometheus/Grafana, Elasticsearch/Kibana)
  • If you dislike dealing with a person and don’t look after them on an individual level either,
  • Items must be marked clearly and permanently with your business name
  • Published in Harvard business review 1996
  • How do consumers make purchasing decisions

School of Business alumni turn into a powerful network of market leaders truly shaping the business world. The Massry Center for Business, an interactive and open, state-of-the-art LEED Gold certified facility, was calling the fifth most beautiful business college in the world. If anyone can convince Governor Cuomo to ban plastic straws in NY State, it is Grace McGrath ’20.

The business major is proficient and persistent. At UAlbany, she has taken the opportunities afforded to her and run with them. Professors Lisa Baranik and Liyue Fan started their collaboration with a Dean’s Research Award intended to promote interdisciplinary research. Baranik, in the management department, studies vocational stressors among refugees. Fan, in digital forensics, works in personal privacy protection. Together, a National was received by them Research Base grant. UAlbany is the area For Me! Joe De Santis ’19 stocks why he chose UAlbany and the way the School of Business has helped prepare him for greatness.

He joined the institution as a high-performing freshman in the Direct Admit program and called a Purple and Gold college student ambassador and co-president of the University at Albany School of Business Investment Group. Business Analytics faculty, Dr. InduShobha Chengalur-Smith’s research on the reciprocity of empathy in online, health-based communities was highlighted on NPR’s Academic Minute. Dr. David Smith researches ETFs, counsels students on the market, and will save time for music.

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